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Feel Well. Live Well. Be Well.

“Handpicked, ethical, quality, natural health & wellbeing products, combined with excellent customer support and service.”

The answer to the problem of finding the right product and the right advice?

Several clients who attend our Nutrition Clinics, often feel overwhelmed as to where to start when looking after their health. Often, most people come into to see me when they have suffered  from a long term chronic illness or when they feel that they have not been able to achieve optimal health, for example, if they are unable to manage their weight.

Our balanced approach focuses on:

  • Daily lifestyle patterns
  • Diet
  • Exercise

Food supplementation is incorporated into the plan as it helps to bridge any nutritional gaps which may have occurred as a direct result of poor diet and poor health. Often prolonged use of certain medications can also lead to vital vitamins and minerals becoming depleted in the body.

Whilst there are no real cures which we can claim, there is better management of health and wellbeing.

AND   that is the starting point for any journey towards recovery.

Our approach towards health and wellbeing is a holistic one. This means that each individual is unique. It makes it even more important that the right product and the right advice is given so that the individual’s needs are met.

And that brings me to the Wellbeing Range website, why do we think it’s important to have this website?

We have created this website to give you a choice of products which we have handpicked for quality and safety. Many of our suppliers tailor their products to a more therapeutic use to enable the correct product to be selected. Many of our suppliers prefer qualified practitioners, similar to ourselves, to be able to provide the appropriate advice around the products which are being sold online.

The enormous World Wide Web has hundreds of online stores which sell food supplements and health products. Often those sites will not have qualified technical professional experts, who are able to answer your queries. As a part of our Wellbeing Team, we have a resident pharmacist who can check for the safe use of food supplements against prescribed medication. This is critical, as we are aware that some food supplements do interfere with prescribed medication making it unsafe and dangerous for you.

Our experts are here to help you to find the right product which is safe for you. 

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A final note

 Always seek advice from your healthcare professional before you make any changes to your lifestyle, diet or exercise regime. Always follow the recommendations on the packaging of the product and if you are uncertain, then contact us. We are happy to help you navigate to the right product.

Good luck with your journey to better health and wellbeing, we look forward to your visit.

 G Nandhra. BSc (Hons) Psychological Science. Dip Nutritional Therapy (CNM).